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Our Corporate Identity and History

Who Are We?

Burtom Health Group was established in 1994

Established in 1994, Burtom Healthcare Group has become one of Bursa’s prominent healthcare institutions with thirty years of experience in the sector and our commitment to service quality.

With approximately 850 staff members, predominantly consisting of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, radiology technicians, physical therapy technicians, and laboratory technicians, we have a well-equipped team who are conscious of professional ethics.

Our vision, supported by our modern infrastructure and quality healthcare approach, continues to expand every day with the services we provide in public hospitals in many cities.

Our healthcare institution, which closely follows technology, has evolved from a diagnostic center 30 years ago to providing services in all branches of treatment today. Under the umbrella of Burtom Healthcare Group, we have 5 companies, 3 medical centers, 1 surgical medical center, 5 medical imaging and diagnostic centers, imaging centers within the scope of service procurement in public hospitals, a nuclear medicine center, a medical analysis laboratory, an aesthetic and hair transplantation center, common health and safety units, as well as home health and care center services.


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At Burtom, we believe in the presence and importance of human values as much as the technological needs of the era.

Konur Surgical Medical Center, one of the oldest healthcare institutions in Bursa, started providing services under the umbrella of Burtom Healthcare Group since November 2018. With our 24/7 emergency services and ambulance services in all branches, we contribute to the health of the city. Our newly added Burtom Özlüce Medical Center provides services in Özlüce as a contracted institution with SGK, offering services in Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Cardiology, Otolaryngology, Clinical Psychology, Radiology, Nutrition and Dietetics departments.

Our goal is to provide every individual with the healthcare they deserve in the most reliable and high-quality manner, without compromising on medical ethics and principles. With Özlüce Medical Center offering services such as MRI, tomography, ultrasound, digital radiography, mammography, and laboratory services, we aim to be the best in the Nilüfer region with our human-focused and quality-driven approach.


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As of today, under the umbrella of Burtom Healthcare Group, there are five companies, five medical imaging and diagnostic branches, imaging centers providing services in public hospitals, four medical centers (including one for surgical operations), one nuclear medicine center, one medical analysis laboratory, a home health and care center, and a Common Health and Safety Unit, employing approximately 850 staff, providing healthcare services in many cities.

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Our Corporate History

We continue to serve for your health with a human-oriented health approach.



Burtom Private Healthcare Facilities Inc. was established by Specialist Dr. Erol KILIÇ in September 1994, and its first medical devices, Computerized Tomography, Doppler Ultrasonography, and dual-table dual-tube X-ray device, were put into service with its first branch in October of the same year.




BURTOM-EMAR commenced its services with its second branch as a Magnetic Resonance Imaging center in Heykel/Bursa address in the year 1997.


  • BETAMAR Private Healthcare Services Joint Stock Company

BETAMAR Private Healthcare Services Inc. was established in the year 2000 at Altıparmak/Bursa address and started its services as the 3rd branch in advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

BETAMAR Private Healthcare Services Joint Stock Company
Public Hospital Imaging Services


  • Public Hospital Imaging Services

In the same year the Ministry of Health began outsourcing imaging services to public hospitals, BURTOM became the first company in Turkey to provide Computerized Tomography followed by Magnetic Resonance services to the public sector.


  • BURTOM Medical Analysis Laboratory

In 2003, with the desire and effort to complete the diagnostic spectrum, Burtom Medical Analysis Laboratory was opened.

BURTOM Medical Analysis Laboratory
Open MRI Service


  • Open MRI Service

In 2004, to cater to patients with claustrophobia, Open MRI was added to our services. During the same years, BURTOM transformed all X-ray systems in medical imaging into digital systems, transitioned to four-dimensional systems in ultrasonography, and began using panoramic-cephalometric and dental volumetric tomography, digital mammography, multislice computerized tomography, and high-field MRI devices in dental imaging.


  • BURFIZ Private Healthcare Services Joint Stock Company

BIYOFIZ Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center started its services in 2007 and relocated to Nilüfer district in 2010, continuing its services as BURFIZ Inc. under the name BURTOM-BIYOFIZ Medical Center, offering services in all branches but primarily focusing on the treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases such as Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation, and Rheumatology.

BURFIZ Private Healthcare Services Joint Stock Company
BURTOM Headquarters - Villa Biçen


  • BURTOM Headquarters - Villa Biçen

In 2009, Bursa Villa Biçen branch was added to our service network on Çekirge Avenue in Bursa.


  • Nuclear Medicine Services

In order to complement diagnostic services, nuclear medicine services started in 2011 with PET/CT and Gamma Camera.

Nuclear Medicine Services
BURTOM Common Health and Safety Unit


  • BURTOM Common Health and Safety Unit

In 2012, BURTOM Common Health and Safety Unit company was established to provide services to businesses under the labor law, and services began.



In 2013, Esentepe branch was added to our service network on the Bursa Mudanya road.

BIYOFIZ Mudanya Medical Center


  • BIYOFIZ Mudanya Medical Center

In 2015, the second branch of BURTOM-BIYOFIZ Medical Center was added to our service network as BURTOM-BIYOFIZ Medical Center in FSM and Mudanya, located on Bursa Fatih Sultan Mehmet Boulevard.


  • BURTOM Konur Surgical Medical Center

In 2017, Konur Surgical Medical Center, one of Bursa's leading healthcare institutions, was incorporated into the Burtom Healthcare Group.

BURTOM Konur Surgical Medical Center



Burtom Medical Center Özlüce commenced its services in February 2018 on the Bursa-Izmir highway.


  • BURTOM Esthetic Center

Burtom Esthetic Center started its services in 2019, focusing particularly on hair transplantation, dermatology, cosmetic, and aesthetic surgery.

BURTOM Esthetic Center
BURTOM Nilüfer Medical Imaging and Diagnosis Center


  • BURTOM Nilüfer Medical Imaging and Diagnosis Center

Burtom Nilüfer Medical Imaging and Diagnosis Center commenced its services in 2022.

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Vision, Mission and Values

Respectful of Patient and Family Rights with a Human-Centric Approach


    • To maintain and further our pioneering role nationwide in medical imaging practices by continuously pursuing a path of development.
    • To become the preferred solution partner for representatives of both public and private sectors we collaborate with, ensuring their trust and confidence in our organization.
    • To remain at the forefront of our industry as the first implementers of new technologies and solutions.
    • To become an organization where our employees can plan their careers with opportunities for healthy growth and development, attracting qualified professionals to work with us.
    • To contribute to the development of our industry and professional workforce.


  • To provide fast, high-quality, and results-oriented services to all customers and patients in every region where we operate in the field of imaging services, in line with the requirements of the era and medical ethics.
  • To closely follow developments in our industry and consistently utilize advanced technology.
  • To continuously develop, increase, and educate our team of expert personnel.
  • To be a private healthcare facility that is aware of and bears all responsibilities of the industry it operates in.


  • RESPECT FOR PATIENT AND FAMILY RIGHTS: BURTOM employees conduct all activities with respect for the rights of patients and their families.
  • PEOPLE-FOCUSED: BURTOM employees prioritize patients with a friendly service approach. They care for their patients and are committed to meeting their current needs and expectations while emphasizing preventive healthcare services to prevent potential health issues.
  • DIFFERENTIATION: BURTOM employees always feel the excitement of making a difference in the services they provide by utilizing science and aim to differentiate themselves.
  • PARTICIPATORY: Our human resources are an important asset to our organization. We will benefit from the knowledge, skills, and experiences of our employees in achieving our vision.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY: BURTOM employees take the necessary precautions to protect and keep confidential all information related to our patients and institution.
  • ETHICAL VALUES: BURTOM employees conduct all activities in accordance with ethical values.
  • COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS: BURTOM employees are respectful of all laws in all activities.
  • PRIORITIZING JOB SAFETY: The safety of our employees, patients, patient families, and other individuals affected by our activities is our responsibility. Therefore, it is our duty to minimize the risks associated with our activities.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: Our hospital considers raising awareness among our employees and reducing the adverse environmental effects of our activities as a duty to contribute to the creation of a sustainable world.
  • BELIEF IN MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS: BURTOM believes in the importance of implementing management systems and continuous improvement in line with changing conditions and our needs, as per our quality policy.
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Our Quality and Environmental Policy

To develop our corporate identity and achieve our vision as Burtom Healthcare Group Services, we aim to:

To ensure the continuity of our pioneering presence in healthcare, we commit to being the first choice for our patients and employees with our reliable quality, high business ethics:

  • Continuous improvement with a sustainable quality understanding,
  • Providing services in compliance with laws and other standards,
  • Implementing quality and environmental standards in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 standards, SKS standards, and healthcare productivity standards in the areas we operate,
  • Keeping satisfaction at the highest level by closely following technological developments for our patients and employees,
  • Respecting the rights of patients and their families,
  • Behaving in accordance with our values,
  • Applying ethical rules,
  • Providing healthcare services at national and international standards,
  • Continuously improving the effectiveness of our Management Systems,
  • Separating waste at its source and minimizing its harm to the environment and people,
  • Collecting recyclable waste separately from other waste to reduce natural resource and energy losses,
  • Conducting studies and providing training to reduce waste generation within our organization,
  • Fully complying with all national and international environmental legislation, regulations, and provisions,
  • Providing training to our employees to gain competence and actively implementing the environmental management system to ensure sustainable environmental development through continuous improvements,
  • Identifying environmental risks and reducing hazards,
  • Committing to contributing to continuous improvement by establishing environmental objectives and goals.

Quality Management Unit Activities

We aim to provide you with better service by identifying current issues in the hospital through internal audits and self-assessments.

  • We aim to manage self-assessments, plan quality improvement activities related to identified non-conformities, and report to top management.
  • We manage processes related to the safety reporting system, make necessary notifications to the ministry during data collection, and report to top management.
  • We manage processes related to risk management and report to top management.
  • We manage activities related to measuring patient experience and employee feedback surveys (survey applications, evaluation of survey results, improvement activities based on survey results) and make necessary notifications to the ministry during data collection, and report to top management.
  • We ensure the management of documents within the framework of SKS.
  • We manage processes related to quality indicators and report to top management.
  • We coordinate the activities carried out within the framework of SKS.
  • We monitor the activities related to corporate goals and objectives.
  • We analyze and evaluate the activities and results related to departmental goals and report to top management.
  • We ensure the establishment and functionality of committees determined within the framework of SKS and participate in meetings as a natural member.
  • We initiate corrective-preventive actions when necessary, monitor their progress, conclude them, and report to top management.
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