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Hair Spec. İbrahim ERAYHAN

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Hair Spec. İbrahim ERAYHAN Hair Transplant
Hair Transplant Specialist  
Burtom Konur Surgical Medical Center

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Doctor Information:

Hair Transplant Spec. İbrahim ERAYHAN currently continues his professional studies at Burtom Konur Surgical Medical Center.

Education And Experience:

Hair Transplant Specialist Ibrahim Erayhan; he has served for many years as a Problem-Solving Specialist in units such as General Surgery Intensive Care, Emergency Services, 112 Emergency, and First Aid Services, as well as the central organization of the Ministry of Health.

Transferring his experience gained in the healthcare sector to the field of Hair Transplantation, Erayhan improved himself in this field by working in some of Istanbul’s most prestigious teams. As a Hair Transplant Specialist, he has successfully performed hair transplantation operations for thousands of individuals both domestically and internationally. In his professional life, Ibrahim Erayhan has made a high level of patient satisfaction his top priority, becoming a sought-after name over the past years thanks to his successful operations and conferences held abroad and in our country.

Ibrahim Erayhan has been performing successful Hair Transplantation procedures for years using the latest technology in the field, including Fue, Dhi, Safir, as well as his own developed Fast Treatment Method, Diamond Design, and other effective techniques. Erayhan is very meticulous in determining the most suitable techniques for his patients and continues to update the techniques, treatment methods, and equipment he uses in line with today’s technologies.

As he has also undergone a hair transplant himself, Ibrahim Erayhan can directly empathize with his patients. Together with our team of experts in the field, we invite you to our center in Bursa to regain your self-confidence and achieve the appearance you desire.

Treatments include Hair Transplantation, Safir FUE Hair Transplantation, DHI Hair Transplantation, Mustache Transplantation, Beard Transplantation, Eyebrow Transplantation, Hair Transplantation in Women, Prp Hair Treatment and Mesotherapy, Makeup Micro Fue.

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